Gravad Lax With a Mustard and Dill Sauce

Gravad Lax With a Mustard and Dill Sauce

Time: 1 hrs


  • 2 salmon fillets, of approx 2 lb each thick, skin on, scaled and pin bones removed
  • 1 cup finely chopped fresh dill
  • 2 ounces coarse rock salt
  • 2 ounces fine sugar
  • 1 tablespoon white peppercorns, crushed
  • some dill (to garnish)


  • 1 To make the curing mix: place the salt, sugar and white pepper into a medium sized bowl, add the dill and stir to combine.
  • 2 Line a large, shallow, rectangular dish, to fit the salmon, with clingfilm.
  • 3 Sprinkle over a quarter of the curing mixture, spread over the base and top with one of the salmon fillets, skin-side down.
  • 4 Sprinkle over half of the curing mix and top with the other half of the salmon skin-side up, sprinkle over the remaining curing mixture on top of the fillet and wrap loosely in the cling film.
  • 5 Weigh the fish down with some cans or weights on top to remove any excess liquid or moisture.
  • 6 Place in fridge, turning the salmon over twice a day, for 3-4 days, if possible.
  • 7 Do not pour off the curing liquid if it leaks through the cling film, unless there is a change of over-flowing.
  • 8 Before serving the gravad lax scrape the curing mix off the fish to remove the salt and pat dry with kitchen paper (you can rinse it off if you want).
  • 9 To make the sauce:.
  • 10 In a bowl whisk the mustard and sugar together with the egg yolk, gradually whisk in a steady trickle of oil, making sure the oil is well emulsified.
  • 11 Start to add the oil at a constant pace, when used up whisk in the vinegar.
  • 12 Taste the sauce and adjust seasoning if needed, add the dill and mix well.
  • 13 To serve, cut the gravad lax at an angle in slices (gravad lax is traditionally served slightly thicker than smoked salmon). Place 3-4 good slices on a plate along with a spoonful of the sauce.
  • 14 Garnish with the dill.
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